Best music of 2011: Final notes

by chateauy

This ends my series of posts about my favourite releases of last year. Yes, I’ve skipped over some great releases. Yes, I’ve mainly mentioned American bands and artists – even though I spent a large part of the year listening to music from other parts of the globe. Uncharacteristically, I’ve picked a lot of soul and R&B flavoured music – quite a contrast to the post-rock (hello Jonsi), garage (I’m talking to you Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Dead Weather) and more political offerings (and there you are K’naan and MIA) that I have tended towards in recent years.

But in 2011 I was feeling different. My subconscious knew my heart needed music that would make it feel good – but in a really solid, long-lasting way that would stay with me, not like the quick burst of energy you get from a punk song or most pop music. So the 5 bands and artists I’ve mentioned over the series of posts were the best artists and bands for me in 2011.

And I think they’re all pretty damn brilliant.