The way Gen Y-ers have approached their 20s has already been the subject of a lot of opinions – and whining (“they expect so much, they change jobs so quickly, they think their opinion matters even though they’ve only been here 5 minutes…”).  But we all know 30 is the new 20 – the age when you start to hit your stride and work out how you really want to live.  Which means the observations shared over the last decade about Gen Y-ers have just been the prelude – Gen Y-ers are now reaching their 30s and it’s now that their influence on the world is starting to become apparent.

Chateau Y will be the home of my musings on a variety of issues from a Gen Y perspective.

I’ll be blogging about the Gen Y approach to career and work/life balance – which I think is changing as Gen Y-ers hit 30.  I’ll write about feminism and the benefits that a new approach to the work/life dichotomy would have for men as well as women – not to mention children and grandparents.

I’m interested in the role of community and family in the modern world and will be writing from a Gen Y perspective about that.

Though it won’t be the focus of this blog, there will be some posts about music and travel – mainly about the artists, bands and cities that I think capture the Gen Y zeitgeist in a unique way.

And I’ll be quoting Nick Hornby and Caitlin Moran, because behind their entertaining writing are some enlightening observations about our society.  And because Caitlin may just be the funniest person on earth.

Hope to see you pop by Chateau Y regularly and share some views – on everything.